Sarah Walker, RNP, ROHP

Being a new mom is tough. Your brain is overloaded with new information, and your
entire life is upside down. Sleep, attention, and energy all suffer. The best way to
counteract ‘mom brain’ is by keeping your blood sugar consistent and giving
yourself a slow burn of energy that will last all day. Here are a few one-handed
snacks you can keep in the fridge to grab as needed throughout the day (or night!)

Pre-Cut Veggies In A Container With Hummus Or Yogurt Dip

Fiber is super important in the quest to keep your energy up. It keeps you full for
longer and helps counteract big peaks in blood sugar. Pair fibrous veggies like
peppers, snap peas, cucumbers, carrots, and celery with a dip containing protein
and fat for a snack that will stick with you. Hummus is a fantastic dip with lots of
healthy fats and protein, or try using Greek yogurt with your favorite dip mix.

Nuts And Trail Mixes

Nuts are a fantastic grab-and- go snack. They have healthy fat (it’s what keeps you
full for a long time!), protein, and carbohydrates. They can be high in calories as
well, so the prepackaged bags are great for portion control. Trail mix is a great
snack as well. Adding dried fruit, seeds, and even a bit of chocolate to your nuts
really rounds out the snack and adds some needed vitamins and minerals. Again, be
mindful of portion control, as it is really easy to mindlessly eat the entire bag of trail

Yogurt With Fruit And Granola

This snack isn’t necessarily one-handed, but it will do you a world of good. It’s a
fantastic quick breakfast too, and you can make tons of different flavor
combinations. You won’t get bored of this one!

Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal with chocolate chips and raspberries was my absolute favorite quick
food after I had my kids. It is super easy to make a big batch and freeze. I would
make enough for 2 weeks and store it in my freezer, and then heat up one serving
whenever I was starving (which was always). Oats are amazing for postpartum
moms, especially those who are breastfeeding. Oats are galactagogues, which
means they promote milk production. Add warm chocolate chips and tart-sweet
berries and you have a healing, nourishing snack perfect for a new mom.

Energy Bites

Energy bites or balls are made on a base of chopped dates and nuts, with different flavorings
added in. Rolled into balls or pressed into bars, these are the perfect things to pop in
your mouth as you’re feeding a baby, or working through a mountain of laundry.
They have fiber, iron, and lots of good fats and protein. These bars are especially
great if you’re constipated after delivery, they will solve that problem quite quickly.
Don’t eat too many at a time though, or you could end up with the opposite problem.
You can make them yourself fairly easily, or buy them from many health food stores
or larger grocery stores.

If I can offer one more tip, it would be to drink water!

Every time you sit down, takea drink. When you’re feeding your baby, drink a glass of water yourself. When youwake up in the morning, fill up a big tumbler and drink it all day. Your body justwent through a big change; it needs hydration to help it heal.

Make eating easy on yourself. I always advocate making as many things yourself as
you can, but you just had a baby. Buy the pre-cut fruit and veggies, the hummus, and
the energy bites. When someone asks you how they can help, ask them to make you
some baked oatmeal or cut up your veggies for you. The easier you make it, the
better you will eat, and the better you eat, the better you will feel. Being a new mom
is hard, but having a plan in place will make it so much easier.






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