4 Tips For Minimizing Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy And Postpartum

Diastasis recti, known as DR, is becoming a hotter topic during pregnancy and for good reason.  Although DR is extremely common in pregnancy, the education thus far provided to pregnant women has been a bit fuzzy. Diastasis recti, by definition, is the separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy, where the connection tissue called the linea alba widens to help make more room for the baby.

Although diastasis recti is not completely avoidable, and is considered normal for the majority of pregnancies, there are things women can do to help minimize the separation during pregnancy and during the postpartum period. If not dealt with, diastasis recti can cause not only poor body image postpartum, but also lead to back pain, hip pain, poor posture and urinary incontinence.