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By Sarah McCann CD, Carriage House Birth Doula 


How Can They Help Me During Birth?


The word doula comes from an ancient Greek term meaning “caregiver” or “woman of service”. In modern times, we think of a doula as someone who supports a person throughout prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum times. A doula does not perform medical procedures but rather provides emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual support. Many doulas are trained in the art of empathetic touch, essential oils, herbal remedies and other pertinent techniques that can be essential to families throughout such a huge transformation. All families should have access to a doula. Period. It is not just a service for the bourgeoisie. In fact many doulas offer discounted or even volunteer their services to families in need.


Doulas Are Becoming More Popular


Doulas are becoming a trendy, more accepted way to relate knowledge and acceptance to birthwork, and this type of trendy is not a bad thing. If you do research online, you will even find what are considered “celebrity” doulas such as the directors of Carriage House Birth Foundation serving NYC and LA. In the words of Paula Mallis, another well known and respected doula in CA, “Birth is an opportunity for spiritual growth and healing. I believe in empowering women, cultivating their intuition and helping them discover what elements are best for their journey from pregnancy into motherhood.” Bringing a baby Earthside is one of the highest honors their is in modern society, and any doula is going to feel truly energized by the experience. It is important to note that any good doula will also be inclusive of all families; including those that are LGBQAT+. Birth is birth, and everyone should be respected.


How Can I Find A Doula Near Me?


To start, you should contact a local birth center, midwife or your care provider. They are good resources to get quality recommendations. is also a very valuable resource that can help provide detailed information about doulas that service your specific area. It is helpful to view doulas with a wide range of certifying agencies, specialties, and additional certifications such as lactation consultation, massage therapy and herbalism. There are all types of doulas both men and women, so finding one to cover your needs should be no trouble.



Sarah McCann is a Carriage House Birth , foundation certified doula working in PA and surrounding areas.


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