3 Reasons To Try Out Food Logging


Keeping track of everything you eat might seem like a drag  but there's 3 solid reasons to start tracking your food and dropping the pounds.

 It starts with knowing your intake.

I often compare food logging to keeping a financial budget.  You wouldn’t show up to target, throw a bunch of stuff in the cart without checking tags and just hope you have enough money once reaching the register. So why do that to your own body with food? Without tracking foods and calories you have no true sense of how much you’re eating and if you’re in a healthy range.  Chances are you’re consuming more than you think and sabotaging your weight loss!

It's not as hard as you think.

We are all creatures of habit and tend to eat the same foods over and over again.  Once you learn the caloric content of some of your staples the tracking will become second nature.  Many restaurants and all packages require calorie information making this task even easier than you think!

You'll be able to look back on the log for years to come.

 Can you remember what you ate two weeks ago Tuesday  for lunch? Unless you pack the same lunch everyday, chances are you’ll have to stop and rack your brain for a moment! If you kept a detailed food log you’ll always be able to look back on what you ate and use it to help you meet your weight loss goals. Are you getting enough fruits and veggies on average? Is your sugar content too high? With a food log you’ll be able to answer those questions and begin tweaking your diet to the recommended  daily allowances.




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