Drop Those Layers, Mama! You Are Beautiful!

By Sherene Buffa

Summer is here! The weather is warm, the days longer, and it’s the easy breezy way of life. If you’re like me, you probably have some insecurities when it comes to dropping the layers.

I am of Polish descent and am very similar in color to that of chalk. Now that I am in my late thirties, I also have some veins after having carried two children. White legs, plus veins, add in some cellulite, and guess what? I don’t feel too stellar rockin’ a bathing suit. Good thing I’m a mom and don’t have to.



Dead wrong!

Regardless of my size. Regardless of how white my legs are. You can bet your booty this mama is going to be frolicking in a one-piece suit with my baby girls on the beach this summer.

I was always that girl in her twenties who never felt not good enough in a bikini. I saw my flaws and thought everyone else did too. Chances are, they probably didn’t. We are our own worst critic. Most people are too busy, too caught up in their own worlds to see some little imperfections in your body.

But I always felt insecure strutting around in an itsy bitsy bikini. Even a one-piece. I never felt confident in my own skin to wear something so revealing.

Fast forward ten to fifteen odd some years and my mindset has shifted.

While I do in fact see the white chalky legs, the veins, bruises, all my imperfections… I see it (believe me, I do!) I. Just. Don’t. Care. Anymore. I have learned that most people are not perfect. I have also learned in the last five years of being a mother that my children hear EVERYTHING I say. Including the negative self-talk.

I have many memories of my own mother criticizing her body. Even to this day, she talks negatively about her appearance.

Luckily, for me - something magical happened when I became a mother. I became more confident. Not just in my body, but in the world around me. I realized that women are freaking strong. Like really freaking strong. And strength (in life), in my opinion, is attractive. I have felt more attractive since becoming a mother, as crazy as that might sound, than ever before.

I have earned my stretch marks from carrying my babies.

I have earned the cellulite on my legs… or have I? I don’t know. It’s always been there since puberty.

I will not hide my body in layers because it might not meet someone else’s standard.

My body was good enough to carry two healthy, beautiful baby girls. My body was healthy enough to nurse those babies. My body has held, nurtured, and comforted my children. I owe everything to my body. It is remarkable.

And ever since my first daughter was born, I made it my mission to only speak positively or not at all about how I look. How she looks. My girls will never hear me say, “I am too fat. I am too this, or I am too that.” I know their self-image is a reflection of my own. And having a great bronzer that makes my legs look a shade darker always helps, too. Wink, wink.

I know my girls are sponges and soak up everything I say.

I want them to feel beautiful, always. I want them to own their body. To have confidence. To feel happy swimming and sunbathing, without fear of their muffin top.

And it starts with me.

As their mother, it starts with how I view my own self. My own self-worth.

I want them to witness a mother who is confident enough to wear shorts. Confident enough to go in the pool with them. Confident enough to lay on the beach in a suit. Even if it is a mommy suit.

Children learn so much from their mothers. So incredibly much. I feel it my job to showcase confidence, self-love, and to have a positive body image.


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