A “mom mission” to a fulfilling business

A “mom mission” to a fulfilling business

Stacey Baker

Somedays, I wake up and wonder if I’m dreaming? If someone had said to me, “Hey Stace, next year you’re going to own an organic skincare company!” I would have told them that they must be crazy! I’m not a chemist, or an engineer. I’m just a mom who had to find a better, safer, natural way.

Eczema Struggles

In November of 2011, our son Vinnie came into our world. At three months, one evening while nursing, I noticedhis cheek looked a little pink. By morning, it was inflamed and irritated. I took him to see our family physician and then to a dermatologist who diagnosed him with severe eczema which had spread from his face and nose to various areas of his body. It took us over a year to find the right combination of topical steroids and petroleum based products to help keep his flare-ups as minimal as possible. Although Vinnie’s skin was under control, it was a daily struggle and a constant concern. Sometimes, simply being exposed to environmental triggers such as fragrance and dry heat would cause him so much discomfort, especially at night. I often felt like I was taking one step forward and two steps back.

Life Changes

When Vinnie was three, after many years of applying his daily skin routine of prescribed ointments and creams, our family was touched and effected by Cancer. My husband and I started taking a good look at what we were eating and feeding our family. We began buying organic foods and eliminating chemical products from our home. I even stopped colouring my hair (I know, I still can’t believe it myself)! I then began reading the ingredients on the products I used on Vinnie’s skin, often several times a day. After researching, I didn’t like what I uncovered. I wondered if there was an organic, gentle alternative that would be suitable for his very sensitive skin. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I embarked on a “mom mission” and developed my own.

Helping Families

As more family, friends and neighbors tried my product and had great things to say, the more I was asked if it could better the lives of those dealing with eczema and other skin conditions on a larger scale. I really let my whole hearted belief in Barrera guide me and will continue on this wonderful “mom mission” as long as I continue to see it’s true benefit to families.


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