Advice For Dads-From a Dad

In response to our popular Advice from a Mom to a Mom, read below for advice for Daddies! 

Advice exclusively for a Dad from a Dad. 

**The below steps only apply for the first month.

If baby is fussy:

 Do the following in order for at least 1 minute each, stop when baby is no longer fussy:

  1. Check diaper.
  2. Ask wife when baby was last fed, if greater than 3 hours ago, feed the baby.
  3. Burp the baby.
  4. Hold the baby in a horizontal position while sitting.
  5. Hold the baby in a vertical position while sitting.
  6. Walk around while holding the baby in a horizontal position.
  7. Walk around while holding the baby in a vertical position.
  8. Put baby in a swing.
  9. Play music or talk to the baby.
  10. If lights are off, turn one on so the baby can see things.
  11. Repeat.

** It will happen, at some point you will become frustrated and annoyed that you can’t soothe your fussy child. Put the baby down in a swing or crib or pass baby back off to the wife.

If wife and baby are fussy:

  1. Take the baby and both of you get the hell out of there, go to a different room out of sight and sound.
  2. Go through fussy baby steps above.

If wife is fussy but baby is not:

  1. Take the baby.
  2. Put baby in a swing or crib.
  3. Talk/listen to wife.
  4. Good luck, may the force be with you!

If wife and baby are fine:

  1. Do the dishes.
  2. Make the next meal.
  3. Take out the trash and diaper pail.
  4. Water plants.
  5. Clean part of the house.
  6. Run errands.

** While you are running around doing these things, squeeze in a few things you want to do.


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