Hypnosis For my Second Pregnancy

By Caitlyn Doenges

My decision to try Hypnobabies came after having complications with my epidural with my first and then having a pretty long and difficult recovery. I knew I wanted to try something different the next time; I wasn't sure what, but knew it needed to be different. Even before becoming pregnant with baby number two, I was interested in hypnosis for childbirth because I have a friend who did it with her first, who was born six weeks before my first and I was in awe of how she could have done that! It was one of those things that if I hadn’t known someone personally who had done it, I’m not sure I would have had the courage to even try myself.

Hypnobabies hypnosis for Childbirth is a complete program for medical hypnosis that can be done through in person classes or home study. There are other hypnosis courses one can take for natural delivery, but I found this program to be best for me. I borrowed the home study from my friend which includes CD's with daily hypnosis tracks and a study guide/workbook with weekly classes to read through. Another resource I used was the Hypnobabies support group on Facebook which was a wonderful community of hypnomoms, hypnodoulas, course instructors and the founder of Hypnobabies herself, Kerry Tuschhoff. This online community was a huge help for any and all questions or concerns I had throughout the program and my pregnancy and everyone was always so encouraging and supportive.

The daily affirmations and hypnosis tracks really helped me have such a positive outlook on my pregnancy. I had a very positive, healthy pregnancy and I attribute it to learning the language, relaxation and hypnosis techniques taught by Hypnobabies. It really showed me how powerful your mind can be and helped to control emotions, doubts and fears that crept in about childbirth.

I also felt that it absolutely helped with delivery. Throughout the course, you learn cues and are given tools to prepare for birth. I used all of the cues early on in my birthing time and could already begin to tell that my subconscious really did take in everything I was learning throughout the course. I listened to the tracks with headphones for the first few hours then played them out loud in the delivery room which helped create a nice environment for everyone in the room.

I would absolutely recommend this to a newly pregnant woman and am excited to share my experience and talk with other moms who may be interested in this route. The positivity during the pregnancy plus the ability to birth naturally without any drugs was amazing. I still can't really believe I did it!