10 things I learned about myself when I became a Mom.

By Michelle Tegola

Michelle is a mother of 3 and an entrepreneur at heart. Her brand #bossbabemompreneur started from her backgound in wellness as well as her own journey which led her down a path to become a Women's Empowerment and Transformational Business Coach, author and blogger.


Becoming a mother is a new path and it’s changed you. I promise it will change you for the better. Who you will become will be the new and improved you. I wish someone told me this before. The woman you will become eventually will be so kickass amazing, you won’t even recognize her! So look forward to the different body ( you can always change the outside but it’s the inside work that really matters), the different hair, the possibly bigger feet, the new love affair with coffee and wine with a myriad of women that are going through the same thing. 

I promise you that this journey to really finding yourself won’t be the easiest, but it’ll be worth it. Now here’s my top 10 things that I learned about myself when I became a Momma! Here goes...


  1. It's ok to love sleep more than sex sometimes. Yep I said it. I’m not saying I don’t love sex, just not when it’s time to sleep.
  2. The only thing that gets me up in the morning is the thought of drinking my first cup of coffee. And I don’t even drink caffeine haha, I actually look forward to the taste of decaf!
  3. I’m not as strict a Mom as I thought I’d be. I’m a tired Mom so most of the time I just say no, then no again and then yes.
  4. I’m a flats and sneakers Mom. Yikes.  I only wear heels when I’m kidless. I end up looking like Peggy Bundy shuffling around trying to get them out of their car seats, into stroller, running after them…..it’s not a good look…let alone a hot look. It’s ok to be comfortable. I mean Gucci makes cool runners right?
  5. If I don’t take care of ME first, I’m a hot mess. Life can get really out of hand sometimes. I am very prone to anxiety and don’t deal with stress well when there’s too much going on. So now, after having many hot mess moments, I can recognize when I’m reeling out of control and make me a priority.  Even if it’s taking a shower (one of my favourite realigning things to do). I make sure I calm down, do what I need to settle myself and then tackle life. Yoga and reiki helps me ALOT.
  6. My body will change but how I feel about it is what matters.  Let’s be honest, pretty much everyone has had some body changes after motherhood that they didn’t ask for. Droopy boobs, stretch marks, loose skin that hangs over your underwear line……yeah not so hot. But the important thing to know is that all that can be changed.  Yes there are creams, weightloss regimes, good bras or even implants! Your body can be changed with the help of your will power. But the key is that you learn to love it throughout the process. Or else that $10k you spent on your new boobs will be for nothing. You know what they say “ happiness is an inside job”.
  7. My feet got bigger but there’s always bigger shoes. Ya there was some swelling we lovingly call “kankles” in those last few weeks of pregnancy (you know, that time when everyone is telling you to “enjoy every minute”? What the eff!). We changed but so what? Step into those size 11’s Momma and walk with your head up high! Forget what size you were before! Size 5 is for kids! You’re a woman now ;)
  8. Sometimes I need help and that's okay.  Geez, isn’t keeping your kids alive another day not enough? Today we need to keep a clean house, have the laundry done, make an edible dinner, get kids to sports and dance, and somehow not be counting down the hours until bedtime? Maybe our Mom’s generation did it, but they weren’t happy.  No, today’s Mom knows she needs help to keep it together. Hire a maid for cleaning, grab a take out dinner at the grocery store, have a frozen meal for those days you can’t deal, ACCEPT help when your mother in law or dear friend offers to do something (anything!) to help you. For the love of God you aren’t a robot, you’re human and you can’t always get it all done. Hire people or accept help and live happy.
  9. Counting to 5 isn’t just for kids. Maybe you’re a new Mom and haven’t used this yet but trust me you will! Somehow, somewhere I picked up this thing when my kids aren’t listening to me, I count to 5 and for some reason by the time I get to 3 or 4 they’re running to get into line! I don’t know, it works. But if you’re a Mom, you lose your s$#t. It just happens, too much to deal with, we lose our temper and feel like crap after for yelling. Try taking a deep breath, counting to 5 ( I count to 10 or 20 because sometimes it just takes me longer!) and remember they’re just little people who are learning. They haven’t had the time you’ve had to get it right and sometimes toddlers are A-holes. So just count to 10, take a deep breath and move on Momma. It’s almost bedtime.
  10. It’s all worth it in the end. Maybe you’ve just had your baby and cry all day. Normal. Maybe you can’t seem to get this breastfeeding thing down pat because it just hurts too much, totally normal and don’t worry formula won’t kill them. Your husband doesn’t understand why you cry so much and you can’t connect with being a Mom and a sexy wife at the same time. You feel like you don’t know who you’ve become and always feel tired. Well, here’s the good part. This feeling doesn’t last, it’s literally a flash in the pan in the long run. You’re doing AMAZING no matter what you think. Because that little bundle of joy, or little toddler, or 8 year old THINKS THE WORLD OF YOU no matter what. You are the very best thing in their world. Hang in there mama, after everything I promise you….it’s all worth it in the end.




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