Hello everyone! My name is Laura Arndt and I'd like to thank you for visiting our Matriarc page.  

As a personal trainer and pilates instructor for more than a decade, I realized after delivery women were given minimal attention when it came to their own health and wellness.  Once cleared for exercise, little to no guidance was received from their medical professional on rebuilding a postpartum body.  That’s where the idea for Matriarc was born!  

Many women feel intimidated and uninformed on postpartum exercise.  By doing nothing, or jumping back into intense exercise too quickly, women can raise their risk or lower back, hip and knee pain. A weak core and pelvic floor can also contribute to long or short term incontinence.  The Matriarc practice was developed to help all women safely and easily transition back into exercise and heal the muscles most affected by pregnancy.  I have developed 60 individual workouts, all short in length and equipment free and streamed through a media player.  

I believe proper strengthening of the pelvic floor, lower back and core muscles are the key to helping women regain their strength, flexibility, balance, and posture.  The Matriarc practice includes deep breathing, kegel exercises, stretching and simple core exercises becoming progressively harder throughout the practice.  Moms need to spend some time focusing on their own health after the baby is born and Matriarc offers some guidance on how to do that.  

I look forward to sharing my Matriarc practice with you.  If you have any comments or questions about the workouts please email me at Matriarcapp@gmail.com